Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tatting in a hurry

A couple of days ago, my best friend asked me if she could borrow the mask I tatted- my very first piece- for a film she was acting in over the weekend.  I wasn't even sure where the mask was, so I offered to tat her a new one.  Ambitious, no?

I showed her a few pictures of masks I'd found online, and printed off the directions to the one I liked best (and was sure she would, too) but wouldn't you know, she chose a different one!  It was fairly simple to make, but because I was working without a pattern and WITH a time frame, I didn't allow myself the luxury of going back to fix any mistakes I made.  Here's the final result:

Like I said, it'll work for what she's wanting, but I'm not too thrilled with the poor quality of the piece.  Now, to save my own self-respect, I need to make another mask, just to show that I can do a better job than this. :)

I keep telling myself that Lesley chose this design, and if she likes the final piece, I should be happy with it too.  Feels like a cop-out though.  I know I can do better, and hope that with a little more time, I can replace this mask with one that I'm not embarrassed to put my name on.

Until then though........  many other projects to be working on. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

So many projects, so little time...

It happened again.  I got distracted.  I saw a shiny pretty thing, and moved on to a new project (or three) before finishing the old.  Oh well. :)

The trim on the venetian skirt is looking KICK-ASS!  I got one row completely tatted and sewed, and a second is tatted and waiting to be attached.  I'm still debating the third row.  It'd look amazing, but, as mentioned above, I tend to get distracted...

Currently, I'm working on tatting the edging to a hankie.  I started with a much harder design (the same one I'm using on the venetian skirt) but when you're using teeny weeny thread instead of yarn, it takes a lot longer, and mistakes are much more difficult to fix.  So, I went back to an older pattern that I like better, and is tatting up much faster.

This isn't completed yet, of course, but it's a small project that fits well in my purse.  I can do it on breaks at work, and it doesn't take much time away from other projects.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Last week, I showed a little glimpse of a new design I was tatting.  A friend of mine (on Facebook and in real life) who is a burlesque dancer saw the design and decided to call me on a bluff I made to her earlier this year.  I told her I was going to tat her a pair of pasties.  She informed me that this is the design she wants. Who am I to object?

 The paperclip is there for perspective.